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About Organization

Dharma Center of America is a non-profit organization running a food pantry, providing after-school academic support, and Yoga classes taught by a certified Yoga instructor. This service is intended to benefit residents who live on fixed incomes or do not have the means to afford basic nutritious meals on a weekly basis.


To provide Nutritious food, Yoga classes and after school tutoring services for everyone in my community who needs it.

1. Provide nutritious food and after school tutoring services to under-served people in the community.

2. Create awareness about healthy lifestyle by promoting practices such as Yoga and Meditation

3. Promote family values in the community

4. Promote volunteerism and community service in youth


We want to provide food pantry, tutoring and yoga services for our community without cost so that we can ensure all the residents who need nutritious food and healthy lifestyle have access to it and their children who need educational services beyond the school day have access to free tutoring.


No one in my community will sleep hungry and every child will succeed in school


1. Nutritious food is a basic right of all human beings
2. Communities thrive when residents and service providers collaborate for development of the society
3. Active involvement of families and community members is essential for fostering a happy and healthy living.
4. Children of the patrons should be provided tutoring support to achieve academic success.
5. Promoting a healthy lifestyle through Yoga.


We are a group of highly motivated volunteers with a social purpose of helping residents of communities with their weekly food needs at no cost to them. We provide free tutoring services for children in this community to help them with schoolwork and achieve educational success. In addition to financial and other materials, our resources include the individual and collective knowledge and experience in community service. We all share a commitment to doing everything we can to serve as many people in the community as possible to lead them towards self sufficiency and independence.